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Airbrush Tattoos

One of our most popular options for parties and events are airbrush tattoo. Guests can enjoy having a temporary tattoo airbrushed right onto their skin  that will stay beautiful and realistic for up to a week. Guests of all ages love them!

Tattoo Designs
We have found that people of all ages line up for temporary tattoos. With this in mind, we offer designs that are suitable for all ages and events. Classic tattoo design such as hearts, tribal bands and anchors; popular characters, animals and symbols—we have hundreds of design choices sure to please guys, girls, moms, kids and grandparents! You might be surprised who you see at our booth getting “inked.”

How it Works
When you’ve chosen your design and the spot you’d like it applied, our airbrush artist will apply these temporary tattoos using a  an airbrush gun capable of producing many different colors.  Our airbrush artist will then apply a stencil to mask off the area, and sprays paint onto the skin. The entire process takes a few seconds to about one minute, so the hardest part is picking your design! Each professional airbrush tattoo artist can produce at least 30 full-color airbrush tattoos per hour. If you are having a LARGE event, Currier’s Magical Mania can provide up to 10 airbrush artists at a time.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my tattoo last? How can I make it last longer?
Our professionally applied airbrush tattoos will stay beautiful for 2-7 days, depending on where you choose to place it and how you care for it after the event. In order to make your tattoo last longer, you can follow these tips:

  • Before you even get your tattoo, you can choose to have your tattoo applied to an area that isn’t constricted by or rubbed by clothes, such as under the waistband of your pants or under the seam of your shirt on your shoulder.  Also consider activities that might cause more friction against an area, such a ball glove or towel wrapped around your neck at the gym, and avoid having your tattoo placed in these areas.
  • After your tattoo  is applied, don’t use body oil over the area, as this will remove your tattoo  by releasing the bond of the paint to your skin. You can also apply powder, such as cornstarch or baby powder, over your tattoo daily to prevent oils from building up and shortening the life of your design.
  • We use high quality, waterproof paints made especially for tattoos, however, swimming can shorten the length of time your tattoo stays adhered to your skin. A dip in the pool won’t remove your tattoo, but prolonged swimming will. Avoid long soaks in the pool or hot tub.
  • You can wash your skin normally while your tattoo is in place, but don’t scrub with exfoliating soaps or products that contain alcohol, oils or heavy lotions. Keep your tattoo fresh by avoiding that area when you apply these items.

How can I remove my airbrush tattoo?
While our tattoos are designed to last several days on most people, if you need to remove them, it’s simple to do. Just rub the tattoo with baby oil or use rubbing alcohol to rub the tattoo off.

Can young kids get airbrush tattoos?

Anyone can get temporary airbrush tattoos! That’s the fun of them! They are easy and fast to apply, and offer a better looking alternative to rub on temporary tattoos.

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