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Henna Tattoos

Henna is known locally throughout the Middle East and North Africa as ‘Henna’ or ‘Hene’

. It is also known as ‘Mendhi’ or ‘Mehendi’ in India & Pakistan.
Henna powder destined for coloring the hair & adorning the skin is made from the crushed leaves of the Henna Plant Lawsonia Inermis, a tall shrub-like plant that thrives in hot and dry climates. To produce the finest quality henna powder the leaves are air-dried, out of direct sunlight, in order to preserve the staining properties. The dried leaves are then ground into a fine powder, ready for preparing henna paste.

Arm tattooHistorically, across all of the Eastern regions where women have traditionally hennaed each other, the application is often strongly linked with ceremonial & celebrational occasions, like weddings and religious festivals. So henna has assumed an essential role in most Eastern households. Knowing no boundaries, at least twice a year, henna adorns the hands & feet of most women, princesses and housewives alike.

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